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Are you ready for a food experience that will blow your taste buds? Our mobile food truck ‘Handinhand Café on the Go’ is available on the streets and at events and private functions throughout Waikato, the Bay of Plenty and Taupo regions. You will find us at public events, Trade and Home Shows, A&P Shows and private functions like weddings and corporate events. Please talk to us about your event.

Introducing Kevin & Christine

Kevin and Christine are the founders of Graceway Charitable Trust. They were married in 2017 and wanted to start a new business to support their new life together. They were looking for a lifestyle, not just a job. Their heart is to help people, especially those who are finding life a bit of a struggle. Therefore the big question was, how do they make this a part of their lifestyle.

Christine Piper

Christine comes from the corporate world of hotel management. She has been qualified in catering, sales, training, and lastly general manager of hotels throughout her career, working all around the glob. She was also a volunteer for Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) International (Doctors Without Boarders) in Afghanistan. She became a NZ citizen in 2001.

Kevin Piper

Kevin has been self-employed most of his life. He managed, then owned and operated Gisborne’s first One Hour Photo-lab in the 80’s and 90’s. He’s been a salesperson, car salesperson, professional photographer, and a Christian Evangelist for most of his career. He founded Reach NZ Evangelism Network in 2008.

The question was, ‘how could they utilize the skills they have learnt over the years into a lifestyle of helping people?’

They noticed, everywhere they went, they were always hand in hand, with a heart to give others a hand up in life. This was where the idea for Handinhand Café on the Go and Graceway Trust was birthed. Handinhand was created to help raise funds by selling food to support Graceway Charitable Trust, who’s mission is to give kindness, food and clothing to those in need of a hand up.


Graceway Ministry
Meet, Connect, Support

Handinhand Café on the Go’ is a fundraiser to support Graceway Ministry’s Free Meal Street Outreaches.

Graceway Ministry

Graceway is a registered Charitable Trust (CC56872) for Christian Street Outreach

Graceway Street Outreaches

Our mobile food caravan ‘Handinhand Café on the Go’ is our primary tool for outreaches on the street and at events primarily throughout Waikato, the Bay of Plenty and Taupo regions. 

We offer a free meal, clothes, and prayer counseling for people struggling with drugs, alcohol, violence, and dysfunctional lifestyles. Our mission is to meet, connect and support people, and help them connect with the right support to help them with their ongoing needs and overcome their addictions.

This is an unconditional ministry and is completely voluntary, without strings. If anyone just wants a free meal and nothing else, we are happy to provide that for them. Learn More>>>

If you would like to support this much needed ministry, please contact Graceway today.